Domestic Violence Attorney

The courts in Michigan take domestic assault very seriously and without a good domestic violence attorney you may very well find your cell behind bars even if you are innocent. If you have been charged with a crime contact criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.

Domestic Violence Attorney

As a Michigan domestic violence attorney, it has been my experience that domestic assault is one of the most widely falsely accused crimes. Bitter ex-lovers often make false allegations pulling police and courts as a tool to gain leverage in a divorce or child custody proceeding or simply to punish.

Unfortunately, prosecutors are reluctant to dismiss or even reduce charges once they have been issued even when the complainant has recanted.

Criminal Lawyer Defends Assault Crimes

In just this past year alone Michigan Domestic Violence attorney, Aaron J. Boria has had multiple domestic violence cases outright dismissed. Additionally Mr. Boria had to take a case to trial that the prosecutor refused to dismiss where the complainant recanted and the result was a not guilty verdict that was rendered in a matter of minutes.

Often the allegations made in these types of cases never happened and as mentioned above were simply made to gain the upper hand. Other times an assault did occur, but it was the complainant that assaulted the defendant who had no choice but to act in self-defense. Other times a spouse is abused for such a long period of time they finally lash out only to find them selves unfairly facing criminal charges.

Of course there are cases where the defendant simply acted in a manner that they should not have. Nonetheless, that person is still entitled to all of the same rights the constitution guarantees all of us – after all, we all make mistakes.

Michigan Criminal Lawyer Here For You

If you have been charged with a crime contact criminal attorney Aaron J. Boria today. We provide our clients with a free consultation. We are located in downtown Plymouth, Michigan; walk-ins are always welcome.


Learn about the DUI Law


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Criminal charges may lead to several risks in life which cannot be resolved quickly. They will also damage the entire career of a person. Driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol is a serious criminal offense that result in cancellation of driving license, huge fines and imprisonment. Sometimes, DUI charges may also cause impounding of vehicles that make life a complicated one. It is an essential one to know the laws before defending the charges at the charges. This will be helpful for reducing the risks to a larger extent. The criminal laws are subject to changes and one should aware about them to prevent apprehension problems. Anyone who wants to protect their rights in state and federal courtrooms should consult with an attorney for overcoming complications to a wider extent.

Most criminal attorneys have a wide knowledge on both state and federal laws who help for resolving complex issues while representing the cases at the courtrooms. DUI victims can appeal for restoring the license with the support of a criminal attorney by meeting exact requirements. In most cases, it is possible to minimize or dismiss the charges with a criminal attorney. Moreover, DUI charges are a hard one to fix at the courtrooms and one should seek support from professional attorneys. They also make strong arguments in an aggressive manner when attending the cases at the courtrooms. There are several sources which are available today for collecting details about criminal attorneys and their services to prevent potential threats in life.

Visit to avail legal guidance for DUI case in Michigan.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Criminal Lawyer


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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Criminal Lawyer

The criminal defense can be categorized into plenty of options like drinking and driving, domestic violence, sexual conduct and others. If you or your friends are being caught for any of the legal issue then it is important to hire the suitable lawyer before the case is being filed. You can be honest to them and make sure you are on the safer side as well. They must have proper license and certification so as to deal effectively in court.

The criminal lawyer in Michigan are well trained experts to handle any of the case with ease. If the mistake is on your side then at least they will try to reduce the penalty charges. The representation is needed as the supportive hands are lend by them imperative of all the standards. There are different specializations included with them so you have to select with the suitable category. Also the best team would give the previous clients testimonials to serve as a reference.

If you are not truthful with the legal person then it would not be easier for them to free you from court. The online search also plays a major role and so it’s easy to move on with the public defenders. The best law firm is needed to assure the reports and handle it in an efficient way.  They must not provide any hidden costs and so they make it as a one time payment. It is difficult to deal without their help so you can hire through proper research.

Michigan DUI Lawyer Fights Illegal Police Work


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It’s no secret the police are itching to bust you for drinking and driving. They claim they have not quotas but you can be assured that each police department expects their road patrol officers to make drunk driving arrests. Having a great DUI lawyer on your side makes all the difference.

With the pressure on the police to produce numbers quality police work tends to drop and illegal arrests tends to increase. The state of Michigan often provides grants for the police to enforce seat-belt laws; no surprise the enforcement tends to occur on holiday weekends when people are more likely to enjoy a drink.  As a Michigan criminal lawyer we know the tricks the police try to pull which can make all the difference for you at a court hearing.

Michigan DUI Lawyer Fights Illegal Police Work

Remember, the police must have a legal reason to stop your vehicle. If the police stop your vehicle without observing your break a traffic law or without poor driving then should be able to challenge the legality of the stop which may result in the drinking and driving charge being dismissed. Image

Even if the police legally pulled you over they have to let you go if they do not gather evidence that you are operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. A Michigan criminal lawyer can evaluate your case and make a determination if the police actually had probable cause or were on nothing more than a fishing expedition.

The police must also gain some evidence to prove there is alcohol in your system to convict you of operating while intoxicated. Chemical testing must be completed according to administrative rules. If the Michigan chemical testing rules are not followed the evidence of blood alcohol could be thrown out. Your DUI lawyer will know the rules and how to challenge bad chemical testing.

Michigan Criminal Lawyer

Aaron J. Boria is a Michigan criminal lawyer who has undergone and certified in similar training to the police for field sobriety testing, and chemical testing. When you need a DUI lawyer in Michigan contact Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. In over 90% of the drinking and driving cases we handle the charge is reduced or better.