The courts in Michigan take domestic assault very seriously and without a good domestic violence attorney you may very well find your cell behind bars even if you are innocent. If you have been charged with a crime contact criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.

Domestic Violence Attorney

As a Michigan domestic violence attorney, it has been my experience that domestic assault is one of the most widely falsely accused crimes. Bitter ex-lovers often make false allegations pulling police and courts as a tool to gain leverage in a divorce or child custody proceeding or simply to punish.

Unfortunately, prosecutors are reluctant to dismiss or even reduce charges once they have been issued even when the complainant has recanted.

Criminal Lawyer Defends Assault Crimes

In just this past year alone Michigan Domestic Violence attorney, Aaron J. Boria has had multiple domestic violence cases outright dismissed. Additionally Mr. Boria had to take a case to trial that the prosecutor refused to dismiss where the complainant recanted and the result was a not guilty verdict that was rendered in a matter of minutes.

Often the allegations made in these types of cases never happened and as mentioned above were simply made to gain the upper hand. Other times an assault did occur, but it was the complainant that assaulted the defendant who had no choice but to act in self-defense. Other times a spouse is abused for such a long period of time they finally lash out only to find them selves unfairly facing criminal charges.

Of course there are cases where the defendant simply acted in a manner that they should not have. Nonetheless, that person is still entitled to all of the same rights the constitution guarantees all of us – after all, we all make mistakes.

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